House Plants

    Just along from our florist, we have a large range of beautiful, well looked after house plans.

    From exotic orchids to Bonsai trees, our houseplant department is a mixture of lush green and beautiful colour. All house plants are nurtured and well looked after by our team of florists, so the plants are as fresh and healthy as can be.

    All year round, you’ll find beautiful indoor flowering plants like Anthurium, Orchid, Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) and Begonia alongside the verdant foliage of palms, ivies and succulents. At different times of the year, these are complemented by seasonal favorite’s such as Cineraria, Cyclamen, Azalea and colourful winter Poinsettia’s.

    You’ll also find everything you need to care for your plants and to display them with real style. If you would prefer something which has already been tastefully made up by our florists, then we have a variety of finished arrangements, completed in a basket, ceramic or zinc pot.